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Visa Requirements

Visa is not required for EU, Canada and the USA citizens. Credit cards are not widely in use, so have cash at hand. You can easily change money in the banks or withdraw money from the nearest ATM. 

Where to live in Vinnitsa

The hotels in Ukraine are very similar to European, at least by their prices... but surely not the service.  We can offer you nice apartments for rent in the city center- all of them are cheaper than booking room in a hotel and you will have everything you need there.

How to behave in Ukraine

When being introduced to a woman, don't kiss her on the cheek and hug because
it is very uncommon in Ukraine for a man to greet a woman he meets for the
first time in that manner. Do not shake hands with a woman unless she offered. On the first date, do not be too affectionate because many ladies will consider your behavior as arrogant and rude.

Essential guide to Ukrainian cuisine 

​Being relatively modest, Ukrainian cuisine is incredibly tasty! Ukrainian dishes feature a wide variety of meats and vegetables in particular the potato. Ukrainian food is very nutritious, as meals to feed the villagers who work from dusk until dawn. The main meat is pork as the peasants have always raised them. That is why salo, or pig fat is something like a national symbol.


You can find taxis anywhere in the world, and Vinnitsa is a city that has more than plenty of them. Taxis in Vinnitsa do not have any distinctive color, like in London or New York but they have a usual taxi sign. It is safer to order a taxi by phone because then the price will be adequate. That is if you speak Russian or Ukrainian. Otherwise you can either ask us to call one for you, or to write down the name and the number of the street that you need to go so you could always give it to the driver.